Interview with Dr. Bri: Dilators, Pleasure, & Recovery from Pelvic Pain

Here I'm interviewed by Dr. Bri of Vibrant Pelvic Health!
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Freelance writer and consultant: sexual health, kink, pleasure products, & more

I'm a freelance writer living in the Chicago area, and I've been published by Rolling StoneGlamour, Allure, The Establishment, and more. Much of my writing and research focuses on sexual health and sexuality from a pelvic pain perspective. I also write sex toy reviews for Chicago-based feminist magazine Rebellious

My consulting and research skills may be used for either personal or professional inquiries. I'm a graduate of Columbia College Chicago's nonfiction MFA program and spent several years working sex toy retail.  

Others have noticed my work, too!

Nicole Guappone takes a subject that some people might feel a little squeamish talking about (intimate products and "toys") and makes it so comfortable, and so down-to-earth, that anyone can benefit!

Dr. Brianne Grogan, PT, DPT of Vibrant Pelvic Health

Nicole has the ability to demystify sensitive topics with an authoritative voice that's as inviting and informative as it is sympathetic. Her writing carefully explains the questions that we're afraid to ask, or even questions we never thought to ask in the first place. It was an honor when Nicole covered my story, as she did so with the kind of care and enthusiasm that sparked genuine conversation by countless readers.

Emily Sauer, creator of Ohnut

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