I take as many webinars and workshops as I can to further my own education in sexual health, kink, and the sex toy industry so I can better myself as a sex writer and educator. Here are some that I've completed.

Photo taken in Early to Bed courtesy of Blush Novelties

In-person workshops and conferences

  • Taboos in BDSM
  • Polyamory: Human Rights & the Law with Ruby B. Johnson
  • Media Tactics for the Kink Community with Susan Wright (NCSF director)
  • “Fucking Mean”: Rough Body Play
  • Cuckqueaning
  • An Introduction to Electrical Play
  • The Psychology of Training with Kevin and katie
  • The Science of BDSM with experts from NIU
  • Skills Labs: Flogging 101; Caning; Pain Processing
  • Fire Play Safety
  • Predicament Bondage
  • Butt Sex for Everyone 
  • BDSM and Anal Play 
  • Basic Negotiations and Etiquette for the Sex Positive Community with Alena Gabosh
  • Community-Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualities (CARAS) Conference 2017

Online webinars, trainings, and workshops

  • Sex After Cancer (Blush U)
  • Sex After a Baby: Helping Customers Keep Sex Alive After Childbirth (Blush U)
  • Caring for First Time Shoppers (Blush U)
  • Daddies & little girls: Power Dynamics and Age Play (ISEE)*
  • Therapeutic Skills for Sex Educators (ISEE)
  • Erotophobia and Its Cultural Impacts (ISEE)
  • Pelvic Health Summit
  • Energetic Protection for submissives & bottoms (Sub Rosa PDX with Maeve McBride)
  • 4-week Abortion Doula Training with BADT
  • Transcend - a 12-week mind-body immersion for pelvic healing (Dr. Brianne Grogan, DPT) 

*Institute for Sexuality Education and Enlightenment

Because it really deserves its own section...

Workshops with world-renowned sex educator and artist Midori

  • Make ‘Em Squirm, Make ‘Em Blush: Erotic Humiliation Play
  • The Exquisite Whip 
  • Pink Japan: Sex and Taboo Today
  • The Art of Feminine Dominance
  • How to Create Amazing Scenes: Get Into Their Heads
  • Become the Fantasy: Erotic Roleplaying Games
  • The Best Kink Advice Nobody Told You
with the legendary Midori at the Pleasure Chest (2017)

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[image descriptions: first photo on page is of Nicole in Early to Bed holding various toys from Blush's Avant Pride line; second is with Midori, who is giving the 'cowabunga' hand sign.]